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Learn to Shred While You’re Here.

Interested in learning to snowboard or ski while you’re in the Hakuba Valley?

“Skiing is easier to learn but harder to master - whereas snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master.” This is a common claim you will hear in the world of snow sports and while different people can take to different sports, it's generally true. With skiing, a beginner’s technique can be broken down into a modular approach but its perfection will require you to become extremely technical. With snowboarding, it’s all about getting on your edges (both heel and toe edges) – this is the hardest part but once this is achieved, you have the fundamental technique of the sport nailed - and can reach a pretty impressive level pretty quickly, especially if you’re bold.

While both sports bring with them plenty of bruised bums and strained wrists the softer snow of Hakuba is the perfect place to learn without the concrete runs of Australia and New Zealand. Mind you a soak in our onsen style bath will sort you out.

There are some great companies providing lessons right through to technical high end lessons and freestyler classes, Evergreen pretty well have everything covered working from their own base an Happone, they now even have a day-care for the bubs from 18months and up. They do a great personalised lesson at Imori Slope on Goryu which is a lot closer to us and easier to access by shuttle bus.

All of the ski schools have a ski or board rental shop set up as well, if you’re staying with us we have a pickup service where they will kit you up with the best gear for your skill level.

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