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Sick of the groomers and want to head out the back gate?


First and Foremast there a plenty of avalanche deaths in the Hakuba Valley every year mostly from inexperienced people riding in poor conditions with little regard for their own safety. Riding Hakuba’s amazing back country people must have firsthand knowledge of a variety of snow and weather conditions and know how to check snow pack themselves to ensure they are riding in safe conditions and not a danger to themselves or anyone below them.

There are plenty of educational videos online

Evergreen also offer an avalanche training course that is worth its weight in gold! Keeping you and your friends safe while you’re here.

Too hard do I hear? Why not have an Olympic skier show you the ropes! For around $130 per person you can be guided by a 3 time Alpine Olympian and all round nice guy Steve Lee. You’ll need to be quick as he books out fast: Evergreen offer a similar service if you miss out.

Below is an interesting article on Canadian born man working with Tugaike Kogen to allow for back country terrain to be safe and accessible.

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