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Making good quality affordable food that keeps our guests full and happy has always been a huge priority for us. Were always evolving at the Powder Temple and this year in an effort to provide our guests with an even better holiday experience we have built a coffee counter. It serves a wide array of espresso based beverages and amazing toasted sandwiches every morning, in the afternoon it also serves cold beers and hot gourmet sausages in buns, its a great place to be am or pm.

"The spaghetti is just like Nonna’s.
Chef needs to be commended" Andrew 

"Very hospitable. Notably the chef was extremely nice and made exceptional meals which even catered for vegetarians. Would definitely stay again, thanks guys" Zac

"The wings on the bar menu were out of this world, a buttery hot sauce and and Parmesan style dip, I had to have them every night" Aaron 

"Powder Temple delivered on so many levels, the food was a highlight especially the pizza" Mark 

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