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After 12 years of riding the Shinkansen and bus I've been told there is a daily express train


You can book a Limited Express train, Azusa tickets from Hakuba to Shinjuku or vise versa and have them posted to your country or our hotel. It's all online here.

By highway taxi (Chuo)

This was once the easiest way to get to the Powder Temple but there has been reports of over worked drivers putting people at risk through fatigue so best avoided if you arrive late at night. A Chuo is a highway taxi that will transfer you from the airport to the front door of the hotel. Bookings should be made well in advance, follow the link







By bullet train

A little bit more complicated but catching the train is a great experience. This also allows you to spend some time in Tokyo on the way out to or back from Hakuba.


Firstly you will need to get to Tokyo Station. From Narita you can either catch the Narita Express (around 3,200 yen) or the local train. From the Airport it is possible to book all the way through to Nagano if you're not planing to stay in Tokyo before you head to Hakuba.


From Haneda airport you will need to take the monorail to Hamamatsucho Station. From there you need to get on the Yamanote Line to Tokyo Station. we have a full blog on this in our blog section


If you are planning to get around Tokyo you can download an english map of the Subway system here 


From Tokyo Station you need to take the Bullet Train (Shinkansen) to Nagano, the line has been extended and is now called Kanizowa where as before its destination was Nagano. This train can leave from various platforms so you need to keep an eye on the electronic boards. They generally leave every 45min or so. Getting a reserved ticket can reduce the stress of trying to get a seat when it's busy. This will usually cost around 8,200 yen.


The final leg from Nagano to Hakuba is by bus. The bus stop is located outside the East Exit. Tickets can either be purchased on the bus or in the small convenience store on ground level adjacent to the escalator. If you are going to purchase a ticket on the bus please note only limited change is available. please see station arrival details in the section below.


By bus

There are a few bus services that run from both Narita and Haneda however they tend to run fairly infrequently so make sure the departure times lines up with your flights. The one stopping closest to us is the Nagano Snow Shuttle 

The Alpico bus drops off at Hakuba Goryu, Hakuba Station and Hakuba Happo. it has two station drops in Hakuba so if youve booked a pick up form us please do not get off at the first major station as its the train station, we pick up from the Happo terminal or visitors centre  You can book your tickets at the Alpico website here 

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