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Your Hakuba Escape For $131 Per Week

Enquire and start on one of our layby plans today and that’s the cost for 2 people to be in Hakuba in December with the main costs for your trip paid in full. You’ll be flying Garuda, you will be picked up at the gate at Narita and driven direct to the hotel in Hakuba where you’ll have nice comfy shared bathroom king room with high end linen and dark window shades…. Rise the next day and enjoy your free breakfast and hit the slopes


Flights per 2 people with Garuda 16th December 2016

Returning 30th December2016 $2158 aus

Joining fee for layby flights with Travel pay-per 2 people $200 aus Chuo Highway Taxi Narita Airport to Hakuba- per 2 people $350 aus King Room at powder Temple shared bathroom

10 nights- per 2 people $700 aus

Total $3408 aus

26 weeks of payments @ $131, easy peasy, that’s $65.50 each.

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