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Shuttle bus times and routes

Here it is folks, your free shuttle bus timetable starting December 17. Morning buses leave from our front door:

9:19 am

10:19 am

11:19 am

There are afternoon buses to move you around :

2:19 pm

3:49 pm

4:49 pm

Wherever you end up for the day there will be a return timetable at each mountain or stop. Look for bus HV3 or maybe a connecting one. We are stop Misorano Cultered , you can print out a list here and keep it with you:

We try to pick up guests on arrival but in the event we can't make it, you will be able to get to us on shuttle HV3 departing from the train station and bus station regularly from 8 am to 6 pm. If you arrive outside these hours you will need to let us know in advance for pick up.

But wait, yes there is still more! There is a night shuttle for 300 yen or around $3.20 AUS ( cash only) that leaves from the 711 just 200m from us, it leaves from 627 pm and has 2 routes depending on where you want to go, it goes EVERYWHERE! It finishes up with our last pick up at 10:57 pm.

That's it that's all folks, you won't find a snow destination more dedicated to your enjoyment!  

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