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Whats new in Hakuba- PLENTY!

Following on from the recent article espousing Japan as a world class ski destination after being rated number one ski travel destination for last year by a leading Ski Magazine, I’d like to add a personal perspective to their claims… Fabulous culture, breathtaking scenery, amazingly generous and polite people and the skiing and boarding is about as cheap and quality as you’ll get anywhere in the world are just the tip of the iceberg. With the increase in the popularity of Hakuba and its surrounding areas, we have seen amazing growth in the village over the past 3 – 4 years and are blown away with people harnessing this potential with new venues for fun, food and frivolity…

What’s new in Hakuba?


An après scene

Corona Bar- top of 47 Line Chair

Goldilocks Echo Land

Corona Bar at Happoone

Snow'd Inn Echo Land

…. No way I hear you say? Yes way! Whether you were parked up the Mexican bar at Hakuba 47, throwing back a shot of fireball at the Temple or checking out the new Carona bars scattered around the place( even on piste at Hakuba 47 there was buzz around town, everybody frothing over the conditions and their trip of a lifetime, there was real vibe. The roof top Corona bar even hosting music events and live tunes.

Wine bars have started popping up!

There was already Fireside at Miminoki, Mimis at Phoenix Hotel and Bradbury’s in Goryu but there has been a couple more casual places open adding to the après experience, Snow’d Inn is fantastic little hole the wall in Echo Land serving all manner of delicious beverages. Just over the road Goldilocks bar sits in the old weather report building(remember bee guns and pool) They have a really cosy lounge serving a wide array of wines and especially well priced wise during happy hour, they usually have some chilled tunes or someone strumming out a tune on guitar as well, a nice vibe. Another spot looking out onto Happo base is Hakuba Unjaune burger bar, a cool bar but the food prices are a little exorbitant though so stick to drinking here😊


Sounds like Café hit No.1 on Trip Advisor

Home of the world’s best chicken burger and amazing coffee Sounds like is still tiny and its best to eat at 11 am as it’s the only way to guarantee one of these mind-altering life changing burgers before they run out for the day.


There’s Vegemite!

Not just at our breakfast at the Temple but in the supermarkets! Yes in years gone by it was a challenge to buy anything you even recognised, sometimes getting home to crack a beer and be greeted with mouth melting hot Wasabi chips or chocolate but the times they are a changing. Both supermarkets have a western style food section stocking pasta, sauces, spices, stocks and other items you’ll be readily able to cook if you have the facilities. The Powder Temple apartment has a kitchen for guests to cook up a storm.


The Beer Scene is More Than Cheap Cans of Asahi

Hakuba Brewing at Iwatake

Hakuba Tap Room

Dan at Hakuba Brewing has been hard at it making brews so good he's been selling out of some beers on regular basis in the winter season, you find a comfy spot by the fire at the base of Iwatake, they even do free pickups from your accommodation. Happo are has seen a new bar step up its beer selection


You Can Get Your Burger King Fix at Tsugaike Kogen

Yep, if your hung over and going riding, head over to mid station at Tsugaike Kogen and smash some junk food in your face ( may or may not actually assist in a hangover) Maybe consider a morning cocktail in our PT bar instead.


Our Restaurant Menu Grew To Include Aussie Scotch Fillet

Utilising some amazing produce from the Meat Guy in Japan we’ve been able to make some delicious editions to our menu.

Steak Sanga 1500y

220 gram Aussie scotch fillet steak cooked close enough to how you like it, served with caramelized onion, garlic cheese, tomato, lettuce and aioli with a side of fries.

BIG FAT Lasagna 1200y

layers of rich meat sauce, creamy cheese sauce and tender pasta topped with a layer of golden melted cheese and side of chunky Slaw or green salad and fries or potato bake *Vg Veg Lasagna available

The Beef Burglar 1200y

The Meat Guys signature patty topped with a tasty cheddar cheese on a specialty bun, lettuce and tomato, served with a side of fries *VG Veg Burger option available

Chicken Enchiladas 1000y

Slow cooked Chicken, red peppers, beans and house salsa wrapped in corn enchiladas and baked in sauce and cheese, topped off with a dollop of sour cream

Having travelled to Hakuba over the last 8 years, we have seen a massive surge in visitor numbers. This is fantastic news for the bourgeoning industry of the Hakuba village and surrounds and definitely contributes to a great new vibe and atmosphere that the village may have lacked years ago. There is the potential to face some minor infrastructure challenges due to the surge of visitors, such as; parking at Cortina on a powder day, being unable to walk into your favourite restaurant without a booking or slightly longer than usual lift lines on weekends or holidays. Don't be sad it is still well worth the visit, considering most hotels and lodges are well under $200 aus per night and your still able to book a room for under $100 we are a far better choice than Niseko with only 8 properties available this February with a room rate under $300.

So there you have it, if you haven’t been yet head on over to our reservations page and book yourself a room, if moneys tight ask about our lay by payment system and you could be on your way!!!!!!!

But a word of warning, once you come ride or ski Hakuba, you can’t go anywhere else!!

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