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Snow Barbeques at the Temple

The bbqs on order, the meats been selected, so get ready for the experience of a lifetime! We’re sourcing Australian and New Zealand meat this winter and it’s Hollywood, you just choose your cut and tell us what night and if you want it at 6pm or 8pm. We light the charcoal griller on the balcony and when your done cooking it to your liking we serve up a pile of chips, a salad bowl and burger bun plus condiments. Well even sauté some onions Aussie style if your into it. Now this is a special deal and don’t think we’re trying to rip you as the beef does need to come all the way to Japan so it’s not for the budget traveller but it’s ooooh so good and will still be the best cuts at the best price in Hakuba. Some examples of cuts and current prices: 300 gram grass fed Scotch Fillet $22 Aus 

Marinated chicken thigh $3 each

330 gram Striploin straight out of the land of the long white cloud $21 Aus

400 gram wagyu, ok ok ! Not Aussie beef but makes our beef look cheap! This is the bees knees of Japanese beef, highly marbled and as good as Japanese Wagyu gets. Share this delicacy if you need , eating Wagyu should be on your bucket list! $170 Aus ( can be pre cut Japanese style as pictured) 

250 Fillet Mignon, yummo! if you don’t like it plain maybe wrap it in our smoked bacon for $1 more. $34 Aus 

250 gram rump, Love em or hate em they go great over charcoal $17 Aus

600 gram T Bone, well hello! A handsome cut made to melt in your mouth $170 Aus 

“The big boy” 1.6 kilos of beautifully marbled bone in Rib Eye, 1.6 kilos is the smallest you’ll get this bad boy so it will feed 5-7 people no worries and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 1.6 kilos is $400 Aus. Think of this as the “Hollywood Cut”  

Sausages approximately 150 grams from $4 each 

Beef patties $5 each top it of with vintage cheddar for $1 more 

Minimum 2 persons 

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