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Mountain report - Iwatake

Introducing Iwatake Mountain

Elevation 1289 m ( above sea level) Vertical 539m ( vertical fall of total ski area) Base elevation 590m Advanced rated 20% Intermediate rated 50% Beginner rated 30%

Best Food : Hakuba Brew house Best Apres spot : Hakuba Brew house Ski lifts 13 Longest run 3800 m

Best powder Run : Back bowl Best attribute: beautiful views of Happo, Hakuba47, Goryu and the valley beyond so don’t forget the camera

Lift ticket price 4400 yen

Bus Timetable based on 2017-18 Season…/img_sh…/bus_schedule_2017-2018.pdf

Park: there is great park behind the top lodge with small rails moving through a split line of beginner, intermediate and semi advanced booters with a dedicated twin lift running overhead, it’s a great spot to get some on lift photos of your mates throwing down or getting bucked.

Guest review rankings out of 100

General score 75 Snow conditions 79 Course/ Terrain 76 Lifts 71 Apres 60

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