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ANA direct from Perth.. sure

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

It seems fitting to put the direct airline through It’s paces for my December trip and booking premium economy I was looking forward to some extra recline, not to mention the invitation to enjoy the air New Zealand lounge prior to take off. Well here’s how it all went:

The check in

Bags a little heavy? No problem, it really does pay to be the rich and shameless even if it is just the once. A very pleasant check in experience, my bags even got a fancy little tag. Priority! Xmas has come early.

The lounge

With that awful “your not good enough” beep as I scanned my pass I did think I was going to be escorted out the door but no, I was allowed to enter that amazing door that people who enter tend to look down their well endowed noses at you as they go in. The amazing buffet was my first stop after flinging my bags and yelling free foooooood.I was greeted by a pleasant array of goodies and opted for a plate of delicate pork shoulder in gravy, I paired this with a house ceaser, a crusty roll and some Gouda cheese. The icing on the cake a well rounded glass of Pinot noir. I decided on a pallet cleansing crispy Thai salad while hiding house baked cookies in my pockets for later, I added a banana down the front but I think with cookies in each pocket and a banana in the front I may have been arrested, ) I preceded to recline and enjoy some classical music, my dirty plates quickly whisked away by efficient lounge minions. My next stalk of the counter revealed sweet zesty Gremata carrots and Parmesan crusted roast potatoes, but to my disgust there were offering up eggplant Parmigiana as well, in my opinion aubergine is a colour, nothing more, the mystical food of the same name is about as full of flavour as Deb powdered potatoes. Anyways I divulge, the next wine... or was it wine 3, I forget was a well blended Cabernet, Merlot from Hawkes Bay in NZ. I must add that the buffet was incredible and had more delicacies than I could mention. Onwards more lounging. I’ll be back for the Brie cheese and water crackers mind you.


My boarding was announced so I rolled out a very happy man, until I see premium Economy board with the commoners, how awful!

The Plane

Rest assured seats were wide and accommodating and weirdly enough you didn’t have to fight some random for the supremacy of arm rest victor, how 21st century. Foot room was amazing even as a 6 foot something strapping male.

Put the free Sony sound canceling headphones on and you don’t even have to listen to some pesky instructions about how to escape the plane, or did he say find the toilets... oh well I’ll find out I’m sure

Hey where’s the fancy drinks prior to take off.... oh wait they stopped in business class then drew the curtain across to create a boundary that says yes... your in premium but your not quite worthy.

The result

Oh well for the Minimal extra and the 9.45 hour flight time ANA out of Perth really is a great option, especially if your lugging the little ones, as the normal Singapore air transfer at midnight makes for grumpy bubbas otherwise.

Rating 8/10

Ticket price on trip $1150

Comparable Singapore air ticket $870

Best bit

The seat 😆

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