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Flying into or out of Haneda?

You will get wifi here for free so use your phone maps or just read this ahead of time.

When you’ve gotten out of customs and immigration you just need to go straight ahead into the extended part of the arrival hall to the monorail ticket machines, on the left machines press the English button ( make sure you don’t use the pass renewal machine)

Buy a transfer ticket for hanamascucho normally 630 yen, this will save your buying another ticket at Hanamasucho, There is ticket attendants happy to help you as well. Pronounced Hanamas cho

The monorail will announce your arrival at hanamacho in English so don’t panic yet, enjoy the scenery of Tokyo’s many waterways. There is also free wifi on here.

Take the stairs down to the central exit then look out for the JR transfer line sign . Head through the ticket gates marked green but don’t forget to grab your ticket back out of the gate. Go toward Yamamoto line 2 and follow the signs

Board the train then exit at Tokyo station 3 stops later

Take the stairs down and turn right heading for yaseu north, exit the ticket gate and there is a large Shinkansen office for booking your Nagano Shinkansen train. You can use ticket machines if you’re brave, I tend to line up and secure a reserved car seat.

The ticket will then get you access to the Shinkansen area. The ticket is by the train name if your looking for the right platform for the train name and number. If your lugging snow gear make sure you line up at the rear of the carriage as that’s the best place to store gear.

The platform has car numbers on the ground to read. The train has free wifi so sit back and relax, you can charge phones if you have a Japanese converter, it won’t work juts with USB.

Exit at Nagano, no longer the last stop so don’t get caught out. Head for The Alpico bus to Hakuba which is out the East Exit and down to the end of the bus bays. you can purchase tickets from the souvenir shop next to the external lift.

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