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Were getting closer to opening.....

Word on the street is that the Japanese government will allow tourists in this year, it's widely believed that no political party wants to make a statement that may derail their election campaigns so from June... expect good news.

Were already busy at the Temple, the installing of a ducted gas heating system to our commercial floor is taking place ( you may remember we had 2 huge kerosene heaters previously which gave us a few cold spots while boiling the insides of anyone standing close by)

Were also installing new mens and ladies toilets to the commercial floor, they'll be modern, warm and have more space than the last layout we had.

There is a new bathroom and toilet going in our 2 bedroom apartment and were renovating he main entry to the hotel as well to provide one floor level from the bar and lounge to the bathrooms. Stay tuned for pow news as it develops.

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