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If your looking for Pow-You've come to the right place.

That's the motto for Cortina Mountain in the North end of Hakuba valley, a magnet for the incoming Siberian Storm fronts Cortina quite often gets double the snow fall of the Hakuba Valley 'stealing it' before it gets to its poor siblings. Lots of dry fluffy stuff also means increased avalanche risk so approach this place with caution, there out of bounds runs famed for their sharp drops and gladed runs but with these runs also comes risk so ride with care out there. You'll need to watch this place as avalanche controls mean the top lift no. 4 is often closed, they do update us during the morning so check the reports at the temple before making the trek out there.

Fact file :

16 Runs, 7 chairlifts, longest run 3500m, skiable area 13000m2

Access Take the HV2 Konayaki(otari) Express ( small surcharge to use this shuttle)

Lift ticket price, 4500 yen Board Lesson whole day 6000yen, Ski 5500yen

Now deep pow may be one thing but that's not all, the Hotel there has got to be one of the biggest Tudor buildings in the world and inside you'll find a fantastic onsen with lots of different pools, it still gets crowded though. There is also a great all you stack pizza restaurant( they make other things to but who cares if you have diy pizzas, sooooo good. ) Just make sure you buy the lift pass with the discounted lunch coupon.

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