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Looking for some time away from the Kids?


The Yeti Kids Centre also has its own Daycare facility. From 18 month old infants up to 6 year old “yetis” who just want to take it easy for a while. Where possible, these kids enjoy outside activity as well as having the weather and shelter of a dedicated indoor centre to play as well as rest.

Ages 18 months to 6 years

Cost 7000-12000 yen includes lunch

Hours 930-1330 then 1330-1530

Hakuba Snow Sports

Hakuba Snow Sports in association with Iimori Snow Resort can provide day care for children in a safe and fun environment. Children from the age of 2 years are welcome. The staff are fully qualified day care providers, however they are Japanese and do not speak fluent english. The day care is not ski school. The children will play indoors and sometimes go outside to play in the snow(not guaranteed), they will not be taught skiing or snowboarding. 

Ages 2 years and up

Cost 4000-700 yen per child

Hours 9-12 1300-1600

As with a lot of daycare services in Hakuba You do need to pop back at lunch and feed your children

Hakuba Mommy Babysitting

We provide fun, enjoyable and safe childcare services for families visiting Hakuba.

Do you need someone to take care of your children while you’re skiing, snowboarding or engaging in other activities? Or do you have a plan to go out for an evening or need to go shopping?

We are there for you !!! We specialize in individual childcare, taking infants to toddlers.

Our babysitting service offers the highest quality of childcare and family services, giving you peace of mind that your children are in good hands.

Ages No limits listed

Cost 3500 yen 1 child, 5500 yen 2 children, maximum of 2 children

Hours Normally 800 – 2200 but outside of these hours can be requested,

Most mountains also have great free play areas inside, you do have to have someone remain behind to watch the kids as they are not supervised. This way the whole family can get up the hill with no additional costs.

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