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Mega Winter Predicted

Why Does It Snow So Much in Japan?

Japan happens to be situated in just the right place geographically to take advantage of a freezing cold, magical wind coming off Earth’s longest east-west continent: Asia.

This bitterly cold wind blows across the length of Asia, picks up moisture off the Sea of Japan, then dumps that moisture as snow when it hits the mountainous isles of Japan. Japan has mountains up to 10,000-feet high right on the coast which force that moisture-laden air to quickly rise & drop its moisture as snow. This snowfall is like lake-effect snow, but it’s sea-effect snow. It’s magic. You don’t need storms in Japan. You just need this wind to blow and voila! it snows.

“The mountains of Japan are so snowy because they are susceptible to a cold Siberian wind that slams into the mountains of Japan, forces the air to rise, and that wrings out tremendous amounts of snowfall.

Whats the prediction for the 2016/17 Season ?

While last year unfortunately suffered worse than expected through an El Nino winter cycle this year is predicted to be a colder one ensuring lots of snow less rain and colder temperatures,

From El Niño to La NiñaThe El Niño phenomenon, which globally effects the temperatures to rise, decreases in strength. El Niño was caused by a bubble of warm water that is visible off the coast of Peru and that has a lot of influence on the distribution of high and low pressure systems over the Pacific Ocean. But that warm bubble is disappearing and the colder water is showing itself in the most recent measurements. Scientists believe that the chance of a La Niña for this winter is around 75%, so we can get ready for lower temperatures. It's a process that repeats itself every 3 to 7 years in which you'll see strong and weak variations of a La Niña.

The short version, book a flight, get some accommodation and pack your powder board, its on!

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