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Introducing Tsugaike Kogen

Having a neighbor like Cortina hints you better check this little known beauty out while you in Hakuba. From wide open runs to tight trees and cat track fun this is really an all rounder with fun to be had by all levels, You could be forgiven for thinking there's not much going on when gazing up from the base through the endless open green runs to mid station, but above here the powder beckons.

Weighing at 164 Hectares its not a huge resort but just seems to have a bit for all levels of riders and skiers. It has 880m of vertical starting at 800m and going through to 1680m.

There are lots of amazing local restaurants and sigh....... a MacDonalds on piste at mid station so if you get the craving for some western garbage food, this is your place to visit.

The mountain also has some back country exits but caution and preparation are key factors when considering any back country trips.

To get to Tsugaike from other parts of the Hakuba Valley, there are free shuttle buses operating from Wadano, Echoland and Happo (including the main Happo bus terminal at the Happo Information Centre) that go via Iwatake. There are also buses between Cortina and Tsugaike.

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