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Transiting Through Singapore's Changi Airport?

Well your in for a treat as it's one of the worlds best airports and has something for everyone, it's a breeze to head through, just keep an eye out for transfer screens, the easiest way to find your connecting flight is to know the time and look in that time frame. There is a lot of flights and screens!  If your unlucky enough to not get one of Singapore Airs 50 minute transits out of Perth here is some tips for you. There's even free wifi but you'll need your phone on to get the wifi activated by text message.

If you need the kids to burn off some energy there is indoor play areas in all 3 terminals. 

Didn't watch enough movies on the plane? There is 2 free cinemas in the transit areas of terminals 2 and 3. ( with a 711 convenience store next door for snacks and beers) 

Get back to nature in the butterfly, cactus, sunflower or orchid gardens spread through the airport. 

Need a quick kip or a shower, grab a room in a six hour block or overnight, prices start at 55 Singapore dollars. 

Wine and dine, you'll find food everywhere ranging from sushimi to Japanese ramen to Burger King, there's something for every pallet. 

Just keep an eye on the time, an airport as busy as this one it's easy to lose track of time and it's a long way from one end to the other! There is also no calls to board flights unless you are already in the departure lounge. For more check the main website: or if you need the map 

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