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Bring on Winter

It may be the off season now but rest assured time flies! Ill be frothing over pow with the rest of you.

Now here are a few tips to get your holiday off on the right foot!

First of all, how to get here from major airports! If these links don't function insert them into your web browser:

Personally the easiest way is via the Nagano Snow shuttle, it does book out though so act early Don't forget to turn your cellular and data roaming off unless you have global roaming or a global roaming data package set up with your phone plan provider (you can also rent data only devices at the airport). There are plenty of free WiFi areas in Hakuba Valley, including the Happo Information Centre where you are probably planning to be dropped off. Wifi area coverage grows every season and this year, the Hakuba Valley now has a free service so give it a try. With advance notice you can arrange a pick up time with our team. If you are arriving while the team is otherwise occupied, the free shuttle bus timetable is below. We are located at the Misorano Cultured bus stop on the HV3 Bus. Feel free to make yourself at home in the lounge, and utilize any of the common areas.

Another very handy service is the night shuttle leaving and dropping off at the 7-Eleven store located about 200 metres down the road. At a cost of 300 yen, it is totally worth it!

Don't be frightened of driving, its easy! we have 2 rental companies happy to rent insured vehicles to travellers with international drivers licenses

Located at the end of our street is Freedom.

Windy Kobeya has been renting for years in Hakuba

Day Care Information Winter Season

Imori (right base of Hakuba 47) runs an affordable daycare centre with English speaking staff available on most days. Kids under 2 by prior request. The centre has two time slots with parents needing to collect and feed their kids at lunch. Am is 9-12 Pm is 1-4. Cost is 3100 yen for a half day or 5200 yen for a full day They are located on top of the restaurant at Imori. Phone 0261-75-2636 email contact from

Rental gear is easy when you know who, what and where! We have 2 suppliers that we work with to get you the best deals. It is best that you inform us of your intention to rent gear so we can get you set up easily and up the mountain faster. Feel free to have a look at the websites attached, and let us know what you would like so we can have it ready for you.

As a footnote I do feel it important to ask our potential and future guest to please respect the local area and abide by the rules of the village. It’s seems there is lot of over service of drunks and it is starting to cause some anti social behaviour in winter time which is incredibly embarrassing for everyone, so please if your friends are acting up or need to slow down the drinking do this very beautiful part of the world an favour and cut them off.

So there you have it, if you haven’t been yet head on over to our reservations page and book yourself a room, if money's tight ask about our lay by payment system and you could be on your way!!!!!!! But a word of warning, once you come ride or ski Hakuba, you can’t go anywhere else!!

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