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Want your phone connected while in Japan

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Whilst we have a lightning fast internet connection at the hotel the same cant be said for fee wifi areas around the village or on the mountain with them often buffering and slowing down.

If you need to be connected with more reliability you may want to consider a Japanese sim. Up until recently Japanese sims cards were only allowed to do data which is handy but what about those important voice calls?

Soft bank now offer a data/voice call option in their sim card and you can buy it online and have it delivered to your country of origin. If you do order it make sure the advert says Japan Prepaid Sim not Japan Tourist sim as that one is data only.

The cards are generally found in 10gb or 5gb capacity and operate on a 4g network.

  • Do not activate early as credit will expire

  • Charged at 8.58 yen per minute

  • 2590 yen plus 2322 yen delivery

  • Email or message us and we'll get you organised through mobil. You'll have your card before you leave Aus

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